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Spirituality and Radix

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The Senior Group of Kelley-Radix practitioners and friends is dedicated to the preservation and continual development of Kelley-Radix work in perpetuity.  We believe our goal is important to the future of health, personal growth, education, child-rearing, and all other human endeavors. This website is the result of the hard work, dedication and financial contributions  of this earnest group of volunteers.  In order to support this electronic library for worldwide use, we need donations from individuals, groups and foundations.  Our ultimate goal is to fund an endowment for the support of the website and electronic library.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to support the work of this volunteer organization please send your contribution to:

917 Topeka Lane
Vancouver, WA  98664

OR  you may use your credit card for a secure donation via PayPal by clicking the following: