Radix Science

Written by Ellen Costantino

The word radix means “root” and as such it underlies three important phenomena: consciousness, biological life, and cosmic processes. The radix is the root force connecting science and spirit, matter and energy, life and death. In nature it is balanced and beneficial to life forms, operating through pulsation, charge and discharge which we can study scientifically.  As an underlying force, it is functionally related to other forces like gravity and magnetism. It is also indirectly related to energies such as nuclear, solar, and electrical.

Radix has been discovered many times in history, called such things as prana, chi, élan vital, ether, animal magnetism etc. Wilhelm Reich called it orgone and defined it as a new form of energy. Kelley called it radix and redefined it as a force that is precursor to energy. This mysterious life force manifests as both energy and matter, and we are just beginning to understand how this force acts as substrate for energetic reactions in our world-and beyond.

Reich’s original inquiries led him into seven distinct scientific disciplines over the course of his life. As a medical doctor studying with Freud in psychotherapy, he studied the somatic responses of the life force in his patients, laying the groundwork for the emotional release systems of body work that are prevalent today. This led him into the realm of bio-electricity as he pursued the study and origin of the orgasm reflex in sexuality and emotional discharge. He then moved into biology, conducting work on the origin and healing of cancer, as well as the spontaneous generation of life from nonliving precursor particles he called bions. This work led him into physics where he discovered and developed various physical devices to direct the life force in the body for healing.

Physics led him naturally into meteorology where he found he could influence weather patterns and create rain with some of his larger devices like the cloud buster. He then expanded into astronomy, developing his theory of cosmic superimposition and models for cosmic engineering. Just prior to his death, he was reportedly working on devices to harness radix as a motive force to build a “free” energy motor.

A trained meteorologist and psychologist, Kelley studied radix with Reich directly in the areas of somatic release work and weather control. He was familiar with the science of radix in both living bodies and large weather events such as hurricanes. Kelley often pointed out that a good Radix intensive followed the same pattern as cyclonic storms and sexual orgasms. Through his refined understanding of Reich’s original pulsation formula, Kelley moved our understanding of the life force forward by showing that increasing radix charge leads to a build up of tension, which leads to discharge, which results in relaxation. Kelley’s further study of the radix pulsation process contributed these important points to our knowledge of radix.

  • The creation of Life requires direct contact with at least two streams of unmated radix charge.
  • Radix units can use stored physical energy from the environment to continue pulsation.
  • Only after radix discharge is new energy and new consciousness produced.
  • With proper training, the human eye can see atmospheric radix discharge directly.

We have just begun to understand Reich and Kelley’s important contributions to the science of the life force - there is so much yet to explore and know. If you have an interest in learning more about Radix science, you may find the following articles on our publications page of interest.  Some are available for free download and some print versions may be purchased.  You may also wish to visit the following sites for more information.


Free Download:

Table of Contents and Sample Pages from Life Force... The Creative Process in Man and in Nature

What is Orgone Energy?  with an introduction by the author, Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D., 1999, 1962.

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LIFE FORCE: The Creative Process in Man and in Nature

A NEW METHOD OF WEATHER CONTROL, 1961 including  Appendices:

      A. The Ending of Wilhelm Reich’s Researches

      B. Orgone Energy and Weather

Also in German: EINE NEUE METHODE DER WETTERKONTROLLE, Plejaden Publishers, Berlin, 1985.



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