Purpose Work

Written by Ron Hook

To live an optimal, purpose driven life one must learn to willfully control one’s feelings both physical and emotional,  in service to a larger goal.  This is accomplished through the tensing of various muscles in order to control, channel or block the flow of the life force or “radix” within the body thereby providing the energy needed to sustain focus on a longer term objective.

Radix feeling work provides a greater sense of aliveness and much relief to someone who has been emotionally and physically restricted.   However, to be completely unrestricted and free of  “muscular armor” is to live a childlike existence within an adult body.  Purpose work is necessary to help grow the capacity to open AND close the flow of feeling at will, according to the situation and the best judgment of the individual.  It enables one to “see” inward and outward:  to understand the self and the driving forces within, and to understand the external reality for what it is.

Dr. Kelley recognized this need early on in his work and pursued teachers who had a proven ability to help individuals grow the capacity to consciously block the flow of feeling in order to achieve another goal.  Nathaniel Branden, Rueven Bar-Levav and Eric Byrne’s successors all had an influence upon Dr. Kelley’s work.

The Kelley-Radix Organization supports the need for Purpose work wherever body work and opening the feelings is practiced.  There are a variety of methods available to the practitioner and Dr. Kelley  wrote numerous times about the subject.   Some of these writings are listed below and can be downloaded from our site under Publications.


"Radix Purpose Work”

Reprinted in THE RADIX 1992 from Chuck Kelley’s Radix Journal Vol. III No. 2, 1983

“The Conflict of Feeling and Purpose”

Reprinted in THE RADIX 1992 from Chuck Kelley's Radix Journal Vol. II, Nos. 3 & 4, 1980. Includes "The Radix Algebra of Purpose."

"What is the Matter With Man?  The Origin of the Muscular Armor"

Reprinted in THE RADIX 1992 from Chuck Kelley's Radix Journal Volume II Nos. 1&2, 1979-80.

"Purpose" Briefs from Chuck Kelley's Radix Newsletters 1989-1992:

On the Relation of Feeling and Purpose - Newsletter #3, August 1989

A Purpose Exercise (Bar-Levav "lifeboat" in space) - Newsletter #9, Fall 1991

The Audacity of Education in Purpose - Newsletter #9, Fall 1991

Purpose in Action -  Newsletter #11, Spring 1992