Overview of “Pulsation and the Creation of Life”

Written by Ellen Costantino

A Review of the Science of the Life Force


(Given as a seminar at the 2007 Radix Conference in N.M.)

As a licensed Radix Practitioner and as a research Microbiologist/Medical Technologist, I have a deep interest in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the Life Force. Like Reich, I see the Life Force as the substrate from which all of these energetic phenomena spring. This paper endeavors to show the reader how the Life Force is the “red thread” of coherence as the creative process in Nature, for both living and non-living systems. This paper explains the history of the Life Force, characteristics of the Life Force, experiments that demonstrate the Life Force, devices that affect the Life Force, and practical teaching applications using the Life Force to release emotional blocks in the body. The last portion of the paper shares modern concepts regarding the human brain in relation to trauma and fear responses. Craniosacral therapy is discussed as a safe, effective way to work with the Life Force in releasing trauma, discharging blocked emotion, and normalizing brain function at multiple levels of experience.

My intention in sharing this information is threefold. The first is to clarify the concepts of the physical characteristics of the Life Force. Many people have studied Reich’s work and developed their own theories, but to really understand the Life Force we need to study more deeply the basics Reich presented.

The second is to enhance Radix body work via familiarity with these principles. When therapists and body workers truly understand the principles of the Life Force, they are far more effective in their healing work with clients.

The third is to encourage the study of radix science so that humanity might expand and deepen its understanding of reality. Armored man is not able to connect fully with Nature and thus cannot experience or create a connected reality. To survive, mankind must develop this greater connectivity-and soon!

Please enjoy reading this paper and allow it to inform, enlighten, and challenge your current experience of living, loving, and working.


Download Pulsation and the Creation of Life in Microsoft Word here. This file is a 3.5 Megabyte download.

Download Pulsation and the Creation of Life in Microsoft PowerPoint here. This file is a 7 Megabyte download.