The Kelley-Radix Organization


Charles R. (Chuck) Kelley retired as Director of the Radix Institute in 1987 to focus on writing and development of his theories concerning radix processes in people and in nature. It was not long before he needed a vehicle to carry out his work through personal growth programs, experimental training, and publications, distinct from those of the Radix Institute. This he called "Kelley-Radix".

At the age of 82 and the day before he died in 2005, Dr. Kelley completed a letter inviting Radix teachers who had worked closely with him over the years to join a “Kelley-Radix Neo-Reichian Senior Group” to carry Radix, as he developed it, into the future. After his death his wife Erica, co-founder of Radix, continued with his plan to ensure that his lifetime legacy about the radix would be available to the world. A group of nine Radix teachers volunteered to help with the task.

The Kelley-Radix (K-R) organization, then, is a volunteer group of teachers and trainers, all of whom studied and trained with Dr. Kelley directly and/or with his wife, Erica. Some live in the U.S.A. and some live abroad, some are clinical therapists and others are not. All of them deeply value Radix Feeling and Purpose work, and believe that Dr. Kelley’s work is essential to the future of science as well as personal growth.