Getting Started in Kelley-Radix Work


If the materials on this site have caught your attention or you have come to know the work from a different source and would like to experience the  benefits of Kelley-Radix work on a body-mind level, there are a variety of avenues  to explore.  The practitioners listed in the Directory can provide private sessions, small groups sessions or weekend workshop experiences.

Individual sessions are the heart of Kelley-Radix work.  The core of the Kelley-Radix experience is learning to recognize and contact the chronic muscular tensions which hold back long-repressed emotions.  Learning to surrender to these emotions, having the encouragement and opportunity to safely express fear, pain, rage and their counterparts of trust, pleasure and love while staying present in full eye-to-eye (reality) contact with the practitioner as the emotions are released is a powerful experience.  The individual session gives the client an opportunity to delve deeply into his or her personal process while having the full attention of the practitioner.  It provides the added time and space to work through whatever issues and emotions are in the day to day life of the client.

Small group sessions provide continuity and the opportunity to experiment and explore  the expression of feelings in a safe environment with like minded people who support and encourage each other while being guided and lead by a qualified Kelley-Radix practitioner.  Small group sessions give the client the space and safety to contact other human beings while exploring deeply held feelings which may not have been expressed for a long period of time.   Kelley-Radix groups offer opportunities to be emotionally available and emotionally receptive to others, opportunities to give and receive care and comfort on a deeply held level.  The small group also provides a great environment in which to test and define personal and behavioral  boundaries, to assess the appropriateness of allowing or containing feelings and to learn appropriate methods to effectively relate to self and others.

Weekend workshops range anywhere from one and a half days to three days and are comprised of a concentrated series of individual and small group sessions.  The workshop experience provides benefits from both methods in a compressed format.  Most attendees have had prior experience with Kelley-Radix in either or both individual and small group sessions.  These workshops are usually led by two or more Kelley-Radix practitioners depending upon the size of the group.