Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kelley-Radix?

Kelley-Radix is a second generation Reichian form of personal growth and body work developed for over thirty years by Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D.  Radix means root, or primary cause, and is used in the same sense that life force is used. Our techniques integrate thinking, feeling, and somatic experience with the goal of creating flexible muscular armor in service of a full, rich, and balanced life.

Who is Charles “Chuck” Kelley?

He was the creator and founder of Radix Education in Feeling and Purpose as practiced and taught by both Kelley-Radix and the Radix Institute. Dr. Kelley transformed Reich's medical model of Orgonomy into an educational model of somatic personal growth work in which both feeling and purpose were emphasized. He developed Reichian techniques as an educational rather than medical model and refined it for the purpose of personal growth work.

Do I have to know a lot of science to benefit from Kelley-Radix work?

No. The principles of the Life force work whether you know them or not. Your Kelley-Radix teacher knows these principles and how to work with them to help you achieve your goals so the client does not need a science background to benefit from Radix.

Do I have to "like" my Kelley-Radix teacher?

Yes and No.  People have different "chemistries", and we encourage you to interview Kelley-Radix teachers to find one with whom  you feel comfortable.  However, while working deep feelings, there may be times when you project them onto your teacher. They are trained to help you work through these feelings so you will be conscious of what is happening and able to manage  your emotions.

Will I be expected to give up recreational or habitual drug use in Kelley-Radix work?

Since Kelley-Radix work is about freeing feelings in balance with developing purpose, your mind and body need to be as clear as possible. We strongly discourage the use of drugs in general and require that you agree not to use them during any session work.

Will my Kelley-Radix teacher keep written records of my work that might later be used against me by someone?

Most Kelley-Radix teachers keep simple notes on their students’ progress, but all information shared in session, written or verbal, is absolutely confidential and can not be shared with anyone without your written permission. You may also request that no written notes be taken.

Is Kelley-Radix a cult?

No.  Kelley-Radix teachers and students do not have a charismatic leader, isolated meetings, loyalty pledges or any of the other trappings associated with cult type organizations. The work is about developing free will and awareness, and you are always free to determine your own degree of interaction.

Is Kelley-Radix just another  "warm fuzzy feeling" group so common in the sixties?

No.  While Kelley-Radix does employ some visualization and verbal techniques, it is body centered work with a focus on freeing the radix flow in your body and loosening muscular blocks. It is quite physical, though not demandingly so.

Can people get sick or die from discharging too much of their life force?

No, not when it is done naturally and consciously as in Kelley-Radix work. People with blocked feelings often fear that if they start crying or being angry, they will never be able to stop crying or will just blow up. Kelley-Radix teachers are trained to help you learn to release fully and naturally so that you move through big feelings rather than getting stuck in them. Then body itself knows how much energy to release in a given session.

Can my Kelley-Radix teacher tell me if I have too much or too little armor?

Yes, but they prefer to let you discover that through your own experience. After a few sessions, your Kelley-Radix teacher will have a pretty good idea of how much armor you carry and how it is organized. But the work is done as you experience moving through those blocks, not just knowing where they are.

Once I learn Kelley-Radix can I teach it to my partner?

While you can share certain verbal, relaxation and breathing exercises with others, the sessions are for your personal growth, so students are discouraged from trying to change anyone else with what they learn. There are also certain risks if you try to teach someone else techniques involving deep involuntary responses that you are not trained to handle.

Can I catch diseases from Kelley-Radix teachers?

No.  Kelley-Radix teachers take precautions to prevent communicable diseases, such as washing hands and using new linens between each client, not working when they are ill, and using latex gloves when necessary.

Will my Kelley-Radix teacher be touching my genital areas?

No. If there are blocks in those areas, only you will touch those areas directly if the need arises. Kelley-Radix teachers are very respectful of the body in general, as well as with genital areas and any other areas in which you may have sensitivity.

What does a Kelley-Radix session cost?

Kelley-Radix sessions are about an hour long and cost is established between you and your teacher. Rates vary across the country and by level of experience of the teacher, but a broad range would be $50 to $150 per session.

Is the Kelley-Radix Science work different than Kelley-Radix body work?

Yes, although the principles of the radix process govern both disciplines.   The science of radix is broad and includes the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry, medicine, meteorology, geography, and other related disciplines. Kelley-Radix science work is done in laboratory settings and with groups in the field, and is not associated with body work sessions in personal growth work.

What's the difference between 'Radix Education' and 'Radix Body-Centered Psychotherapy'?

The working model of psychotherapy has been changing ever since the days of Carl Rogers and other pioneers of the human potential movement of the 1970's, and is now an accepted term describing the work of many Radix teachers. However, during that time, and based on his experiences with the Reichian movement, Charles Kelley took strong exception to the medical model of treatment and cure for people who, by normal standards, were not "sick." His rationale is summarized in the "Guidelines and Principles," including article 7 stating "Kelley-Radix work is a professional body-oriented self- improvement discipline, developed for the personal growth of healthy adults. As such it involves no diagnosis, prognosis, prescription for treatment of illness, medical dysfunction or disease, and should not be paid for by government or private medical third party payments."  We assume that Radix teachers who are also qualified in a medical or psychotherapeutic discipline will make that known to their clients and follow guidelines, legal and financial procedures appropriate to that practice.

What IS all that 'orgone energy stuff' and 'radix' about? What does it have to do with personal psychotherapy?

For a comprehensive explanation please download Charles Kelley's free "What is Orgone Energy" from our media center.