An Overview of Kelley-Radix Work


Kelley-Radix work (KR)  provides a profound educational experience in the exploration of emotion and was founded upon the holistic principle of mind-body unity.  It is based on the premise that the life force which Dr. Kelley called “the radix” governs all living things, both in nature and in human beings.  The emphasis of KR work is on the integration of feelings, visual perception, body awareness, and thought.

It is in the experiencing of the direct flow of feelings that enables one to become aware of the patterns of chronic tensions held in the body.  Armed with this knowledge a person can become more aware, alive and integrated, transforming patterns of behaviors in order to  have to a better developed sense of self and a body free of chronic muscular armor.

Kelley-Radix work uses a rich diversity of verbal and nonverbal techniques based upon the needs of each client. Physical exercises, breath work, body awareness, energetic practices, other nonverbal and verbal techniques are combined in order to:

  • Discover purpose and authentic self-direction
  • Awaken a greater sense of aliveness
  • Enhance the capacity for love, trust and joy
  • Strengthen self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Integrate body, mind, feelings, and behavior
  • Release anxiety and negative or "stuck" feelings
  • Free chronic physical tensions

Kelley-Radix students learn, experientially, to refine the capacity for control of their emotions in the service of short and long-term self-chosen life goals along with the ability to surrender to their feelings when this is safe, appropriate and desirable.  This balance between control and expression leads to much  improved relationships in both the personal and professional arenas.  Gaining the ability to achieve meaningful longer-term life objectives, and to be able to enjoy them once attained, is to have earned a degree of satisfaction and happiness unavailable to those limited by excessive armoring or by the lack of sufficient containment of feeling.

Kelley-Radix education is rooted in the pioneering work of German psychiatrist, Wilhelm Reich, M.D. who researched the relationship between  body, mind, and emotions and developed the theory of “muscular armor.”

Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D., founded Radix Education in 1970 to further develop Reich’s system.  Dr. Kelley applied himself to Reich’s physical, atmospheric, and laboratory experiments before focusing on the phenomenon of the “muscular armor” which appears as chronic muscular contractions in the body.  He realized that, even though the armor’s negative effects restrict the experience and expression of feeling, it also enables the positive application of self-direction in life.

In his later years, Dr. Kelley’s training programs evolved from teaching the original  “Opening the Feelings” work to “Feeling and Purpose”  work.  This more recent focus on the importance of the interplay between feeling impulses and volitional self-control of these feeling impulses is now known as Kelley-Radix.

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